When Will the 2017 Cadenza Arrive at Dealerships?

By Product Expert | Posted in Kia Cadenza on Thursday, March 31st, 2016 at 3:03 pm
2017 kia cadenza white exterior grille

2017 Kia Cadenza Release Date, New Features and Updates

Kia just recently debuted the 2017 Cadenza at the New York International Auto Show and it features improved styling, body structure and powertrain when compared to the 2016 Cadenza. The new body structure of the 2017 Cadenza is stronger, lighter and more rigid for a more enjoyable driving experience. Additional acoustic absorbing laminate in the front windows and windshield reduces wind noise and a full floor pan undercover reduces road noise, all making the 2017 Cadenza the quietest it has ever been. The 2017 Cadenza will arrive at dealerships late 2016, so stay tuned for the official release date and when to expect the 2017 Cadenza at our Moritz Kia dealerships.   

Unique to the Cadenza is that it is available with two different grilles. Lower trim models will come with the “Diamond Butterfly” front grille which features the same three-dimensional pattern as several of its Kia siblings but has its own unique appearance thanks to the concave shape. Higher trim models will come with the “Intaglio” grille, featuring vertically oriented faceted blades. The 2017 Cadenza has the same overall length but it is slightly wider and lower in height to the 2016 Cadenza. This makes for nearly half-inch of increased legroom for rear passengers and a slight improvement in trunk space.

2017 kia cadenza exterior white taillight z pattern

2017 kia cadenza interior rear seats

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2017 Cadenza Interior Features and Updates

The interior for the 2017 Cadenza was thoughtfully redesigned to feature higher quality materials and a more user-friendly dashboard. Buyers have a greater opportunity to customize their Cadenza with four interior color combinations, including a new dark brown color. The driver’s seat has been lowered for a more sportier and stable feeling and for added comfort for the driver. The interior has been upgraded to feature Kia’s best features and to make the 2017 Cadenza more visually pleasing for its drivers and passengers.

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Kia made a lot of upgrades for the 2017 Cadenza which makes it almost a completely new car. Kia has strived to improve the Cadenza’s handling, style and noise level to produce a Cadenza that now not only has better performance and fuel economy but has reduced road noise making for a peaceful and quiet ride. We will keep you updated as more information on the 2017 Cadenza and its release date as it becomes available.

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