What’s New on the 2017 Sedona?

By Product Expert | Posted in Kia Sedona on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 2:59 pm
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2017 Kia Sedona Official Release Date and Safety Features

The popular Kia minivan is back and features more safety and technology equipment than ever before. Kia takes the average minivan and makes it into a vehicle that families will be proud to ride in. Parents will enjoy the available safety features and the numerous convenience features available as well. Passengers will love the comfortable rear seats as well as the available rear Blu-ray entertainment system. For the 2017 model year, the Kia Sedona received a number of new safety features including Autonomous Emergency Braking and Dynamic Bending Light.  

2017 Kia Sedona Safety Features

The Kia Sedona is the ultimate family vehicle. With a seating capacity of up to 8-passengers and a cargo area of 33.9 cubic feet, the Kia minivan offers families the most space out of the available lineup. The 2017 Kia Sedona offers more safety features than the previous outgoing models and the addition of their new safety features have paid off in terms of safety ratings for the 2017 Sedona.

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2017 Kia Sedona safety features
2017 Kia Sedona exterior silver

Rear Parking Assist System-Sonar sensors located in the front and rear bumper warn you of obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces.

Surround View Monitor-This system offers a near all-around view in several viewing modes displayed on the navigation monitor. Displaying real-time images from four cameras, the Surround View Monitor provides a virtual bird’s eye view.

Blind-Spot Detection System-This system uses advanced technology to help reduce the blind spots on the side and rear areas of your Sedona. The system will send out visual or auditory signals to help warn you of objects, not in your field of view.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert-Sensors hidden in the corners of the rear bumper scan for passing vehicles as you back up. If the system detects a potential hazard, a warning sound and light appear on the outside rearview mirror closest to the other vehicle.

Smart Cruise Control-This system maintains a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

Forward Collision Warning System-Sedona’s Forward Collision Warning System employs front-mounted radar to detect a potential collision with the vehicle in front. It will also provide the driver an audible warning and visual signals on the meter display.

Lane Departure Warning System-The camera-based system monitors the position of your vehicle within its lane and helps warn you if it deviates or is about to from the lane.

Autonomous Emergency Braking-The system will apply the brakes to help prevent or lessen the effects of a frontal collision.

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The 2017 Kia Sedona should be released soon so stay tuned for more information on when the new Sedona will be available at our Moritz Kia dealerships.

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