How do I cool my car down faster in the summer?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Friday, May 10th, 2019 at 5:22 pm
Country road on a sunny summer day

The heat of summer can make it downright miserable to climb into a hot car. Just opening the door can send a whoosh of hot air to make you uncomfortable let alone burns from metal interiors after you get inside. Find 5 tips for keeping your car interiors cool on a hot day below.

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Car Interior Cool On A Hot Day

Park In The Shade

Whether it’s within the confines of a parking garage or under the shade of a tree in an open parking lot, parking somewhere where the sun isn’t shining into your vehicle’s interior will help to keep things much cooler.

Invest In A Sunshade

If parking in the shade is not an option, using a sunshade to block the sun Man in sunglasses sitting in the driver seat of a carfrom entering your windows is the next best thing. The most common sunshades are made for your windshield though they are also available for side and rear windows too.

Use Automatic Climate Control

If your vehicle is outfitted with an automatic climate control system, it’s best to keep it on rather than turning it off and blasting the A/C. Automatic climate control is sophisticated and will adjust a variety of your vehicle’s systems to get your car to the right temp as fast as possible.

Keep Your Windows Rolled Up

While opening the windows and blasting the air seems like a good strategy, it has been proven less effective than just keeping everything rolled up. When the window is down, both the hot and cold air is escaping making it take longer to gets things to the right temp.

Start Driving

While keeping your windows rolled up will make a small difference in the time it takes to cool things down, practically nothing makes a larger difference than driving vs staying still. The air conditioning system won’t work as well when parked, so start up the engine and head out right away rather than wait for things to cool off – unless you are using a remote start system.

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