Traveling Hacks for Driving with a Dog

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Thursday, January 10th, 2019 at 3:51 pm
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No one wants to leave their canine companion behind when going on vacation. On the other hand, hitting the road unprepared can lead to disaster. Here’s a list of tips for traveling with dogs to make your road trip enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.

Best Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Dogs

Give it a Test Run

Your first car trip with your dog shouldn’t be a long one. Take several short drives the weeks before your trip to get them familiar with the environment. Some pups handle cars better than others. If yours is struggling with the ride, consider calling in a pet sitter if you can.

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Grab a Window Seat

Believe it or not, dogs are a common victim of motion sickness. Giving your pup clear access to a window can help prevent nausea. Stale air and odor have been known to intensify nausea, so cracking a window may help ease motion sickness in animals.

Leave Some Leg Room

Being in tight spaces for long periods can be stressful for animals. Having your pooch confined to a single seat or a carrying crate might not be the best idea. Try leaving the back seat open so they can stretch their legs. If you’re concerned about cushion damage, consider purchasing a seat protector.

Items to Pack When Traveling with a Dog

dog on leash going for a walkWaste Bags—Bathroom breaks are essential for long trips with animals. You’ll want to take a break about every 2 to 3 hours to keep your dog at ease.

Food and Water—If you’re going to be on the road more than a few hours, you should leave a bowl of food and water accessible during the drive.

Leash—Unfamiliar environments can make dogs nervous and unpredictable. Even if your pooch does well without a leash, it’s best to use one anyways while traveling.

Dryer Sheet—Thunderstorms are a common source of distress for dogs. You can help to calm your pooch by removing static buildup in its fur. Just run a dryer sheet through those locks and they’ll be static free in no time. You can’t quite predict when a storm will hit, so it’s best to pack some on any trip just in case.

Sodium Free Chicken Broth—It’s hard to know how your pup’s stomach will handle a long drive. If your friend is looking under the weather, drinking a little broth might help to ease their nausea.

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