Common oil changes myths – busted!

By Product Expert | Posted in Moritz Kia, Service on Sunday, February 25th, 2018 at 11:47 pm
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Can you replace conventional oil with synthetic?

The Moritz Kia Service Department team here. Every day we hear about a wide variety of automotive myths. Today, we want to set the record straight. Maybe one of the most commonly misunderstood automotive products is engine oil. There are so many myths and misconceptions about this product!

One of the most common myths we hear is that conventional oil can’t be replaced with synthetic. This simply isn’t true. There is no harm in changing from conventional oil, in fact, the American Automobile Association recommends it. Now, if you have a vehicle that requires synthetic oil, then it’s important to use only that type of product.

With that said, here are some other common oil change myths we encounter.Man checking the oil on a car

Is it cheaper to use conventional oil?

For as long as we can remember, the myth has been that conventional oil is better than synthetic because it’s cheaper. While conventional oil products are less expensive up front, AAA found that drivers who make the switch to synthetic will save the average driver upwards of $5 an oil change or more than $64 a year. AAA also discovered in its study that synthetic oil performs an average of 47 percent better than conventional oil products. Synthetic oil not only protected engine components more effectively, it helped prevent excessive wear and tear, saving drivers money.

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Does black engine oil mean my car needs an oil change?

This is a common question we get. If you are seeing black engine oil, that means that it’s working. As oil is worked through the parts of the engine it will become black over time. The best way to know when it’s time for an oil change is when your service light comes on your dashboard.

Should I change my engine oil every 3,000 miles?

Every vehicle is different and an every-3,000-mile-oil-change schedule isn’t a one size fits all. It’s important to check your vehicle’s manual to see what the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule is. Some vehicles can go up to 7,000 miles or longer before it’s time for a visit to the mechanic. It all really depends on your vehicle and your driving habits. If you are towing or are putting a lot of miles on your vehicle in a short amount of time, you will need an oil change sooner. When in doubt, check your manual.

Do I need to change the oil filter with every oil change?

Yes. The oil filter’s job is to catch any particulates or contaminants in the oil from reaching the engine itself. Without the filter, these contaminates can do damage to your vehicle’s engine and cause unnecessary wear and tear. It’s important to always get a new filter with every oil change.

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4 Responses to “Common oil changes myths – busted!”

  1. Dev layman says:

    I appreciate your suggestion about the replacement of oil filter along with the replacement of engine oil. Oil filter plays crucial role by isolating contaminants from the oil. Clogged or dirty oil filter could not do their job in an effective way. Clogged oil filter has negative effects on the performance of the vehicle as well as the fuel economy of the vehicle. So, the condition of the oil filter needs to be evaluated and replacement of damaged air filter is really essential.

  2. Janet Chua says:

    There is a common myth that conventional oils can’t be replaced with synthetic.But this is not true. There is no harm in changing from synthetic to conventional oil. But if we have a vehicle that requires only synthetic oil, then it is required to use only that type of product. Conventional oil is cheaper than synthetic oil. But synthetic oil protects the engine components more effectively and it helps to protect excessive wear & tear thereby saving driver’s money. In my opinion synthetic oil can’t take the place of conventional oil and the vice versa. But before an oil change we should consult with a car professional or read the owner’s manual to use which oil in our vehicle.

  3. Raj Sharma says:

    That’s fantastic.I was very worried about the oil changing.After reading your article,my all queries have been solved.I am glad that I came across such article.

  4. Glenn Harrington says:

    If you are following factory recommendations, you must change the filter with the oil. That being said, if you double the frequency as I do, you can change the filter every other time. For example,I have a 2016 4 Runner that the factory recommends an oil change, once a year, or every 10,000 miles. I do not put a lot of miles on the truck, and most are severe, as in below freezing for short intervals, or towing a boat. I have the dealer change it once a year, and at the 6 month interval, I change just the oil myself.
    Replacing the cartridge filter is a hassle, but changing the oil is pretty simple.

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