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Tips and Tricks for Holiday Travel

Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Family in white

The holiday season is full of excitement and joy. It also can be a headache. All the planning and driving can be stressful. We want to help you enjoy your time with your family. We have some tips and tricks for holiday travel this year that you might find helpful. Let’s get started.  (more…)

How To Avoid Decreasing Your Vehicle’s Value

Friday, July 12th, 2019
2018 Kia Optima driving on a mountain road at sunset

Keeping your vehicle in great condition will help you keep up the value of one of your largest investments. While keeping everything clean and staying on top of any problems is a great first start, there are a few things that a lot of drivers do that could be bringing their car value down without even realizing it. We break down 4 of the most common blunders below. (more…)

Beginners Tips for Parallel Parking Like A Pro

Friday, May 24th, 2019
woman in the drivers seat of a car

Whether you’re just learning to drive or you have been behind the wheel for years, parallel parking can be a tricky process to nail. However, with plenty of practice, all drivers can get comfortable with the process and stop driving out of their way to find easier parking. Find our best tips and tricks for mastering parallel parking on the first try below. (more…)

How do I cool my car down faster in the summer?

Friday, May 10th, 2019
Country road on a sunny summer day

The heat of summer can make it downright miserable to climb into a hot car. Just opening the door can send a whoosh of hot air to make you uncomfortable let alone burns from metal interiors after you get inside. Find 5 tips for keeping your car interiors cool on a hot day below. (more…)

Why do my windshield wipers always sound squeaky?

Thursday, February 14th, 2019
Two people riding in a car in the rain with a foggy windshield

Squeaky and chattering windshield wipers can sound almost as bad as nails on a chalkboard when you are trying to enjoy a peaceful ride in your vehicle. Find 4 easy ways to stop your windshield wipers from making these strange sounds below. (more…)

Traveling Hacks for Driving with a Dog

Thursday, January 10th, 2019
four puppies peeking out of a trunk

No one wants to leave their canine companion behind when going on vacation. On the other hand, hitting the road unprepared can lead to disaster. Here’s a list of tips for traveling with dogs to make your road trip enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. (more…)

How to Treat Your Kid’s Motion Sickness

Friday, January 4th, 2019
young boy smiling in backseat

Road trips with kids are a challenge on their own. Traveling with a carsick child can be a nightmare. For those parents with children prone to motion sickness, here’s a variety of tips to help prevent and treat nausea on the road. (more…)

New Driver Essentials for Safe Car Travel

Friday, November 30th, 2018
Young couple driving in a car

Most teen drivers can’t wait for the ultimate freedom of being able to drive. While it’s an exciting time in their life, many parents can feel hesitant about sending them off on their own. One way to help make sure they are safe is by keeping their vehicle stocked with all of the necessary supplies for when something should go wrong. We break down the 3 items we think all teen drivers need to have in their car below. (more…)

What paperwork do I need to keep stored in my car?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018
Someone opening the glove compartment in a car

While some car-related documents should always be safely stored at home, others should always come with you on the road. Find out which 3 documents you should always have stored in your glove compartment here. (more…)

What are the top 6 reasons why my vehicle isn’t starting?

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Is your car not starting? Don’t panic yet. Here are the top 6 reasons why your vehicle won’t start. (more…)