5 Tips to Help Keep Your Car Running Smoothly this Season

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 7:16 pm
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Five Tips for October Fall Car Care Month

Fall is officially here! Have you noticed the changing seasons? We bet your car has, too. October is National Car Care Month, meaning it’s an ideal time to prepare your car for fall and winter weather. Read our 5 tips for October fall car care month below, and don’t hesitate to contact Moritz Kia for your next service appointment.  

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5 Tips for Fall Car Care

Check the wipers and lights | Seeing and being seen is vital to safe driving. Check to make sure all of your vehicle’s lights are working properly on a daily basis. Test your vehicle’s wipers on a monthly basis to ensure they quickly and effectivity clear your windshield. Replace lights and wipers as needed.  

Check the tires | Your vehicle’s tires endure the most wear and tear on a daily basis. Check tire pressure and tread on a weekly basis to ensure the tires are fully inflated and free from low tread, bulges, bald spots, or puncture holes. Uneven wear is an indication that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Make sure to keep your vehicle’s tires properly inflated, which helps improve efficiency.  

Check all the fluids | Low fluids levels can be the beginning of a lot of minor or major car issues, strange noises, or reduced performance. A basic fluid check should involve the following: power steering, engine oil, windshield washer solvent, brake and transmission, and antifreeze/coolant. Fluids should be checked at every gas refill or at least once a month.  

Check the battery | Your vehicle’s battery can wear down over time or start to corrode along the wires and lose proper connection. Check your battery at least once a month to ensure the connection is tight, clean, and corrosion-free. Car batteries should be replaced every three-four years.  

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