Can I reposition my Kia headlights?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 8:00 am
Car driving at night with bright headlights

If you start to notice that your headlights are not positioned correctly to provide a clear view of the road at night and are instead illuminating the side of the road or the tops of other cars your headlights have come out of alignment. This is common and happens over time for a variety of reasons including too much weight in the back of the vehicle or an accident that nudged the headlights out of place. The good news is that most people can re-adjust their headlights at home with the right tools and information. Learn more about how to align and adjust your Kia headlights at home below.

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Close up view of a car headlightHow To Align and Adjust Your Kia Headlights At Home

To adjust your Kia headlights, you will need to find the adjustment screws located near where the lights are housed. Most Kia owner’s manuals should point out exactly where the adjustment screws are on your specific model. Once you find the adjustment screws, there should be one screw that adjusts the headlight’s vertical placement and one that adjusts the headlight’s horizontal placement. Turn the screws until your headlights are correctly positioned and you should be good to go.

Kia Service Center in Fort Worth, Texas

Newer Kia models with halogen or LED headlights may be more difficult to adjust and home. For professional help, contact your local Kia service center to schedule an appointment. Vehicle owners in the Fort Worth, Texas area can schedule an appointment at the Moritz Kia dealership by calling 866-942-0228 or using our online appointment scheduling tool. Our team would be happy to adjust your Kia headlights so you can have a confident view of the road during night driving.

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