Will my new Kia come with a spare tire?

By Product Expert | Posted in Kia News on Friday, October 12th, 2018 at 3:25 pm
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While most new and used car shoppers expect to find a spare tire stored somewhere in the trunk, if you purchase a newer Kia you may be surprised to see that one isn’t available. In lieu of a spare tire, Kia owners will find a Tire Mobility Kit stored under the trunk’s floorboard that can help patch leaks and repair damage until you can get to your nearest service center.

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Kia Now Offers Tire Mobility Kit in Lieu of Spare Tire

Mechanic rolling a tireMaking the switch to a Tire Mobility Kit allowed Kia to reduce the amount of weight in their newer vehicles which resulted in better overall fuel economy scores. It also freed up additional room in back for more cargo carrying capability.

Drivers who still wish to have a compact spare tire can purchase one as an add-on accessory for most newer Kia models. Each spare tire kit also comes with a tire jack so there is no need to purchase one separately.

What does the Kia Tire Mobility Kit include?

For a more in-depth look at your Kia Tire Mobility Kit and how it works, consult your owner’s manual. However, in general, Kia owners can expect to find the following items in the Kia Tire Mobility Kit:

  • Tire Sealant with Filling Hose
  • Compressor
  • Tire Gauge
  • Various Cables and Hoses

After temporarily fixing a damaged tire, drivers will need to follow some safety guidelines including driving at a reduced speed until they can get their tires replaced.

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To learn more about the Kia Tire Mobility Kit, contact your nearest Kia dealer. Residents in the Fort Worth, Texas area can find answers to their common Kia questions at the Moritz Kia dealership. A variety of new Kia models and used vehicles from many brands are also available for car shoppers interested in upgrading their current ride.

5 Responses to “Will my new Kia come with a spare tire?”

  1. Michael Carlson says:

    Had to use my kia mobility kit for the first time, late at night and in cold temperature. It worked fantastic. It only took a few minutes to air up the tire. I had to drive 4 miles to my house. Being in my 70’s I was not sure how it worked but it was very easy to use. I wish I had one of these for each of my cars.

  2. Desmond Blair says:

    All SUVs should have a full size spare in the trunk. I do have a valid reason for losing interest in acquiring a new Kia Telluride – overhyped

  3. Courtney Sheriffe says:

    I recently purchased a Kia Rio for my daughter. We picked it up in January 2019, so naturally it came with snow tires thrown in by Kia, at no extra cost. I found out just this week, April 20 when I was about to change over the snow tires to regular seasonal tires, that the car didn’t have a spare, nor jack nor lug tool. I called Kia the following day and the sales person advised me that this is correct. My belief is that Kia’s reason for throwing in the snow tires is that they know that every six months we would be forced to return to the dealer to have the tires replaced, so this in my view is just another marketing scam.

  4. Nicholas Harrell says:

    I will not buy another car without a spare tire. Period.

    Kia’s decision not to include a spare tire represents an after market opportunity for some enterprising company. I would buy from them!

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