Is it safe for my dog to stick their head out of the window when I’m driving?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ on Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 at 2:35 pm
Dogs sticking their heads out of a car window

We’ve all seen it. A happy dog with their head sticking out of the car window while cruising down the highway. While dogs enjoy the feeling of sticking their heads out of the window, it’s not a safe practice and can cause damage to eyes and ears. We break down the dangers and give dog owners safety tips for traveling with dogs in the car below.

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Safety Tips For Traveling With Dogs In The Car

dogs looking out the windowWhen dogs have their heads out of the window, especially when traveling at high speeds, their eyes are at risk of getting scratched or punctured by airborne dust and debris. Their flapping ears can also cause pain and damage to their ear canal. While opening the window to let air in the backseat for your pet on a nice day is a good idea, your dog should be properly restrained, and all of their body parts should be contained inside of your vehicle.

Safe Travel Habits

The safest way to travel with your dog is having them restrained with either a crate or a dog harness. Not only will this ensure that they don’t cause any distractions for the driver by roaming around in the cabin, but it will also help to prevent injury in the case of an accident. Your local pet store can help fit your dog with the proper sized crate or harness and should have some great recommendations about which option might be safest for your pet.

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In addition to a crate or a harness, be sure to consider the temperature in the back seat or the cargo space when your dog is along for the ride. Make sure things are kept nice and cool so they don’t overheat and never leave them alone in the car, even if you just need to run into a store for a minute. If you have errands to run, it’s best to just leave your dog at home.

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