Beginners Tips for Parallel Parking Like A Pro

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 1:06 pm
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Whether you’re just learning to drive or you have been behind the wheel for years, parallel parking can be a tricky process to nail. However, with plenty of practice, all drivers can get comfortable with the process and stop driving out of their way to find easier parking. Find our best tips and tricks for mastering parallel parking on the first try below.

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Tips and Tricks To Nail Parallel Parking On The First Try

The first secret to parallel parking is staying calm. While parallel parking can be daunting, as long as the space is big enough for your vehicle and you follow the correct steps you should have no trouble nailing it. The second secret is following the same set of guidelines each time you line up to park. While different teachers have different instructions, you should pick the instructions that make sense to you and follow them each time rather than trying to wing it. When you line things up and turn your wheel the same way each time, you are more likely to find success. Be sure to take your time and stop between each step rather than rushing it for optimal consistency.

Try watching some Youtube videos, like the one linked below, for a visual guide of what to do and look for during each step of the process and practice practice practice!

How Far Should You Be From the Curb?

In general, drivers should be aiming to be 12 inches from the curb or less when parking on a public street. While drivers don’t need to get out a ruler, any parking job that is significantly off and hindering the ability for others to safely drive on the streets could result in fines depending on the city.

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