How much does it cost to get a car repainted?

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If your car is looking a little rough, getting a new exterior paint job to perk things up a little could be a good investment depending on your situation. But, how much will a fresh coat of exterior paint set you back? We break down the cost of new exterior paint for your car below along with some things to consider before you set up an appointment at your local auto body shop.

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What Affects The Price Of New Exterior Paint For A Vehicle?

paint sprayer aimed at a carThe paint color, paint quality, size of your car, and where you live can all have a serious impact on the overall cost to get your vehicle repainted. Unfortunately, without local quotes for your specific vehicle, it’s hard to say just how much it will run as costs can range from $300 all the way to $7,500.

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Things To Consider Before Adding A Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint to Your Car

Keep in mind that the old adage you get what you pay for is usually true when it comes to car paint. While most drivers won’t need to fork over anywhere near $7,500 for a fresh coat, quality paint and service from experts will go a long way towards getting the results you want.

Before getting a new coat of paint, it’s important to take care of any damage to your vehicle’s body. Dents, scratches, and rust won’t be covered by a shiny coat of paint and in most cases the new paint can actually make any imperfections look worse. It’s worth it to have any needed body work addressed before investing in exterior paint.

Once you do make an appointment for new paint, keep in mind that the process takes time. Technicians have a lot of prep work to do before spraying on the new paint and the turnaround time could take around a week.

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