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kia driver assist features

What Driver Assist Technology Features Does Kia Offer?

Safety is important to every driver and with automakers making more of an effort to provide customers with more safety features, we now have every safety option that we could possibly think of. If you are in the market for a new vehicle and find yourself asking what driver assist technology features does Kia offer? Then this is the place for you. See what driver assist features Kia offers and how they each work.  

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kia rear-camera display

Rear-Camera Display

Once you put your vehicle into reverse, the rear-camera display will show a live image of what’s behind your vehicle. For added convenience, a vehicle footprint that shows bumper width is superimposed in the display.

kia rear parking assist

Rear Parking Assist System

The rear parking assist system uses a sonar sensor system to detect obstacles behind your vehicle. If a hazard is detected, the system provides an audible warning.

kia surround view camera

Surround View Monitor

The surround view monitor system offers a near all-around view on your monitor. Displaying real-time images from four cameras, the surround view monitor provides a virtual ‘bird’s eye’ view.

kia blind spot detection

Blind Spot Detection System

The system uses advanced technology to help reduce the blind spots on the side and rear areas of the vehicle. The system issues a visual or auditory signal to help warn you of objects not in your view.

kia rear cross traffic

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

An added feature of the blind spot detection system, radar sensors hidden in the corners of the rear bumper can for passing vehicles. If the system detects something, a warning sound and a light appears on the left or right outside rear view mirror, depending on the location of the other vehicle.

kia advanced smart cruise control

Advanced Smart Cruise Control

The advanced smart cruise control system keeps a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

kia lane departure warning

Lane Departure Warning System

The camera-based system monitors the position of your vehicle within its lane and helps warn you if it deviates, or is about to deviate from the lane.

kia forward collision warning

Forward Collision Warning System

The forward collision warning system employs a front-mounted radar to detect a potential collision with the car in front and provides the driver audible warnings and visual signals on the meter display.

kia autonomous braking

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Autonomous emergency braking works independently of the driver in critical situations, applying the brakes to help prevent or lessen the effects of a frontal collision.

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