Kia Shows Off New Autonomous Vehicle

By Product Expert | Posted in Kia Soul on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at 4:04 pm
Kia soul first class

What is the Kia Soul First Class?

Kia plans on putting a fully autonomous vehicle on the road by 2030 and for SEMA 2016, Kia has released a video of their Soul First Class. More details are coming soon as the Kia Soul First Class is expected to be revealed at SEMA this November in Las Vegas. Many automakers are moving towards developing an autonomous vehicle for the future of driving. The Kia Soul First Class will serve as an upscale vehicle that lets business travelers work and relax as they journey to meetings and other destinations. Modeled after the Kia Soul body style and design, the Soul First Class will feature premium luxury materials and features both inside and out. 

Kia Soul First Class Design

The custom build Soul First Class will feature rear-facing seats, the absence of a steering wheel and a wide array of luxury enhancements. The interior will feature white and grey leather with diamond stitching throughout and gray wood flooring to match. The exterior will feature PPG Lux Blue exterior paint and modified upper and lower grilles with LED lighting. The Soul First Class will also feature 19-inch Rotiform Monoblock CCV wheels to bring a modern design to the car’s exterior.

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Soul First Class Features and Technology

Soul First Class passengers will be greeted by a 40-inch flat screen connected to premium level speakers throughout the cabin. A custom motorized center console reveals two tablets, which control the Soul First Class. Kia hasn’t given us very much information yet on the new Soul First Class but from the sounds of it, Kia’s autonomous vehicle will be a luxury first class experience with advanced technology and stylish design to invoke a comfortable and relaxed setting.

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We are hoping for more information on the new Kia Soul First Class at SEMA 2016 which will be going on for the next couple of weeks. Kia is expected to reveal their autonomous vehicle at the event and then we will likely get more information and more pictures of the Soul First Class up on our blog. For now, check out this video that Kia released as a teaser for SEMA 2016.

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