Which Kia models are best for teen drivers?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ on Friday, March 15th, 2019 at 6:41 pm
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There are many trains of thought when it comes to buying a vehicle for your new teen driver. While some parents are in favor of buying something easy on the budget, other parents prioritize size, reliability, features, or safety. At Moritz Kia, we believe that the Kia lineup can provide all of the above, making it a great place to find a practical and safe ride for the new driver in your family. What exactly should you be looking for and which Kia models are the best fit? We break it down below.

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What Should I Look For In a Vehicle For My New Teen Driver?

2019 Kia Sorento active safety graphicWhen shopping for a vehicle for a teen driver, we recommend finding a model that offers a good balance of price, reliability, and active safety. While teens will likely be concerned with tech offerings, style, and connectivity, reliability and active safety features will ultimately lead to a safer overall driving experience.

To combat high price tags, drivers may want to start their search in the used lot. Used vehicles have less depreciation over time and sticking with something only a few model years old means there are plenty of miles left under the tires and active safety is still easy to find. Distracted driving is the leading cause of auto accidents with teen drivers. In addition to practicing safe driving habits like no phone, fewer passengers, and buckling up for each trip, active safety can add a second pair of eyes to the road to help reduce the risk of an accident. We suggest looking for models that are equipped with Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking.

Which Kia models offer active safety?

Most new Kia models offer available active safety equipment on select trims save for some models that prioritize budget like the 2019 Kia Rio. Keep in mind that some used models or some lower trims may not come standard with the active safety you are looking for, so be sure to let your dealership representative know exactly what you want.

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