2018 Kia Forte vs 2018 Chevy Cruze

2018 Kia Forte vs 2018 Chevy Cruze

When you are hunting for the ideal compact sedan, you have a lot of options to consider. Many would consider Chevy, but the brand you really need to consider is Kia with their Forte. See why with our comprehensive 2018 Kia Forte vs 2018 Chevy Cruze comparison. We will show you which model has the better value overall. Before going into this comparison, don’t forget, the Kia Forte gives you a 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, and the Cruze only gives you 5 years or 60,000 miles. With this huge difference in mind, let’s see what each vehicle has to offer in terms of price, power, features, and more.

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2018 Kia Forte


2018 Chevy Cruze

$16,800 Base Price $16,975
Manual w/ Optional Automatic Base Model Transmission Manual
164 Max Horsepower 153
Available Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control Not Available

Which car has the better value: Forte or Cruze?

To start a conversation about value, we have to start looking at price, and when it comes to this comparison, the base model Cruze is a little more expensive than the base model Forte, but there is more to this story.

If you want an automatic Cruze, you have to go up a trim level first and the price jumps all the way up to $19,525. Now that’s a huge price gap just to get a car that’s easy to drive. On the other side of the coin, the base model Forte has an optional automatic transmission that only adds $1,100 to the price making it $17,900, and much more affordable than the Cruze.

Some people are looking for power from their compact sedan, and here the Forte provides once again. With a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the Forte pumps out up to 164 horsepower. Combine that with the short wheelbase, and the lightweight construction of this compact, and you have one fun ride.

Not only can you get the luxury of dual-zone automatic climate control in the Forte, but even the more affordable base model LX Forte has more features than the more expensive Cruze. Features like satellite radio, steering wheel controls, 60/40 split-folding rear seats, power heated exterior mirrors, and more are all not available on the base Cruze but come standard on the more affordable base Forte.