2018 Kia Rio Sedan vs Hatchback

When a car is available in more than one body style, it's not too hard to lose track of the differences between them. Many people know that the Rio is a Kia car available in both four-door and five-door body styles. What they may not know, however, is what sets the sedan apart from the 5-Door and vice versa. That's why we've outlined the 2018 Kia Rio Sedan vs 5-Door comparison.  

As potential Rio customers will quickly learn, there aren't many differences between the two body styles. That said, those few differences are the key factors in why some people choose the Sedan and others choose the 5-Door. Only $300 apart in base price, the Sedan is slightly more affordable than the 5-Door. At the same time, however, both models are very reasonably priced. 

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2018 Kia Rio Sedan  vs 2018 Kia Rio 5-Door
$13,900 Base MSRP $14,200
29/37 mpg Fuel Economy (City/Hwy) 29/27 mpg
Available Folding Rear Seats Standard
13.7 cu. ft. Maximum Cargo Space 32.8 cu. ft.

Key Differences – 2018 Rio Sedan vs 5-Door

In exchange for the extra $300 on its base price tag, the 2018 Rio 5-Door gives its customers two big values that the Sedan can't match. First, the 5-Door comes with standard folding rear seats. Meanwhile, the Sedan only offers those seats as available. With the ability to fold those seats down, the Rio 5-Door opens up plenty of extra room for luggage, cargo, etc. 

Speaking of cargo space, the 2018 Kia Rio Sedan is able to offer potential customers up to 13.7 cubic feet of cargo capacity, but that will seem small when compared to the 5-Door. With up to 32.8 cubic feet dedicated to cargo, the 2018 Kia Rio 5-Door simply can't be match by the Sedan. 

For only $300 more, the 2018 Rio 5-Door gives its customers a huge bonus for cargo space plus the folding rear seats that make it possible. While the Sedan is very well-rounded in its own ways, many people would argue that the 5-Door wins the 2018 Kia Rio Sedan vs 5-Door comparison. 

2018 Kia Rio Hatchback Red Exterior Front View
2018 Kia Rio Hatchback Red Exterior Rear View
2018 Kia Rio Sedan Blue Exterior Front View
2018 Kia Rio Sedan Blue Exterior Rear View