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Vehicle emissions have become more and more of a problem in recent years. In particular, many older vehicles on the road create significantly higher fuel emissions than newer vehicles. Luckily, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality has great the AirCheckTexas program as a way to help put more environmentally-friendly vehicles out on the road in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We here at Moritz Kia are happy to take part in this recent initiative by the Texas state government.

As part of this initiative, financial assistance will be provided for drivers of eligible vehicles to help replace vehicles with higher emissions with more fuel-efficient vehicles. With AirCheckTexas, qualified drivers may earn up to $3,500 dollars towards their new eco-friendly vehicle. But which vehicles apply to be traded in towards the AirCheckTexas program? And what type of vehicles can you get? Continue reading to find out, and view our available inventory below.

Drivers Who Qualify

There are multiple requirements for drivers to see if you qualify. First, if you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you must be registered in one of these counties: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall or Tarrant. Additionally, if you are a household of one, your maximum net income for qualifying is $36,420, with an addition of $12,960 for each additional household member. If you meet these two requirements, you may be eligible for this financial assistance program.

Vehicles that Qualify for Trade In

Once you meet the driver requirements, there are certain requirements your traded-in vehicle also must make in order for you to qualify for this financial assistance program. First, if your vehicle has failed an emissions test, is currently registered in a qualifying county and has passed a Texas motor-vehicle safety test within the last 15 years, your vehicle qualifies. Additionally, if your vehicle is at least 10 years old, gasoline-powered and is driven to the dealer under its own power, it qualifies for financial assistance.

Vehicles You Can Buy with AirCheckTexas

Luckily, there are multiple different types of vehicles that apply for purchase as part of the AirCheckTexas financial assistance program. First, cars, SUVs and vans from the 2015 to 2018  model years, or pickup trucks from the 2016 to 2018 model years, that have been certified with federal and state requirements qualify. Additionally, hybrid and electric vehicles from the 2015 to 2018 model years that meet federal and state requirements qualify. Any vehicle purchase must also be below $35,000, or $45,000 for a hybrid, and have less than 70,000 miles on it. Luckily, there are multiple new Kia vehicles that fit these requirements available at Moritz Kia.