Kia’s Smart Key Feature

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2017 kia k900 smart key feature

How to Use Kia Smart Key Feature

Today’s vehicles are all about making everything as simple and convenient as possible. Kia’s Smart Key Feature makes it easy to lock/unlock and even start your vehicle all without even having to touch your key fob. Many of Kia’s models include available Smart Key feature including many 2017 models like the K900, Cadenza, and Optima. Interested in Kia’s Smart Key feature? See how it works and how this feature makes everyday normal tasks easier than ever before.  

How to Lock Your Kia Using Smart Key 2017 kia k900 smart key feature door handle

To lock your Kia, press the button on the front outside door handles with all doors and tailgate closed will lock any door unlocked. The hazard warning lights blink and a chime sound will indicate that all doors have been locked. The system will not lock the doors if the engine is on or any door except the tailgate is open. The vehicle will also chime for 3 seconds.

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How to Unlock Your Kia Using Smart Key

To unlock your Kia vehicle, press the button on the driver’s outside door handle with all doors and tailgate closed and locked. The hazard warning lights will blink and chime twice to indicate that the driver’s door is unlocked. All doors and tailgate are unlocked if the button is pressed once more within 4 seconds then the hazard lights will blink and the chime will sound twice to indicate that all doors are unlocked.

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If you need to unlock your tailgate simply walk up and press the tailgate handle switch. The hazard lights will blink twice to indicate that the tailgate is unlocked.

Come into Moritz Kia to check out our available 2017 inventory and see how easy and convenient the Kia Smart Key feature really is. If you have any questions about the Smart Key feature please contact us today.

5 Responses to “Kia’s Smart Key Feature”

  1. michael detter says:


    I have a 2017 kia optima SXT 2.0. I started my car to warm up this morning due to it being 28* outside. After I got back of my car with the keyfob in my pocket, the car made the alarm sound that I t was still running with the keyfob not in it. After about minutes I went to get into the car to go to work and I was unable to access the car. I tried unlocking the car and locking it with the keyfob but it did not recognize it. The only way I could enter the car was to crawl thru the trunk.. ANY IDEAS ??

    Thanks for any insight you may have
    Michael Detter

  2. Robert D. Smith says:

    How do I lock and unlock ALL doors on my 2014 KIA Sedona?

  3. Lynzey Jennings says:

    You fob has an actual key in it….

  4. Jim says:

    We have a brand new Stonic and the fob detaches very easily from the key, and problem is same for both keys including spare, my wife was left unable to get in the vehicle and was left stranded because it slipped off, the clip that holds it is next to useless so be careful people, I will complain to Kia, other than that great car love it!!!

  5. Sherry Lee says:

    I absolutely love my 2019 sorento, I have had kid’s since 2011. I had a 2011 Sportage and I loved it also, so my husband wanted me to get bigger. I have had a 2016 and now 2019 Sorent o and I wouldn’t change. Bought through Stokes Kia in Goose Creek, SC. They are great to work with!

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